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Nights In White Satin by Davils-Photography

I do like this piece completly, but there are two points that stand out as phenominal. One is the auora. It's "faded" but not dreary. G...

Avatar Aang vs Danny Phantom by slifertheskydragon

Oh jeez, so my to say and so little time. Before you even look at the picture in detail, there's the concept itself that really turns t...

Queen: I’m in a story now?

Me: U in a story now.

Queen: *Sighs across the world*

Amora: *Standing at the head of the table* Queen’s departure and defeat by yours truly is sudden, but we will carry on and persevere as Mimicry does. Questions?

Queen: *Leans forward* Yeah, where do I sit?

Amora:  .... RIGht here!!!! Of course?!?!

Queen: Thanks.

Amora: *High key harmless influence*

Queen: *too tired to intervene*

Me @ Breana: Why the Hell are you still here? Somebody boot her like Go-LLY

Breana: *exists* *opens mouth*


*Fighting continues*

The Guy in Red: *exists seductively*

Me: o;///////////////////;o

TGiR: *wanders away*

Me: *murmurs* a-and don’t  come back *wrings hands in the trashcan*

Bruno: *Bangs at The Field gates*

Me: *internal wheezing* Ha hA NO. I ain’t ready.

Queen: ?

Me: I go in there, I ain’t coming back.

Queen: What does that mean-

Me: *dances away with the grace of a hippo on steroids*

Reboot: I thought I killed you

Magic: You did *says nothing else for the next five years*

Reboot @ Jazz: Join Me

Jazz: *Barely hanging on* *rekt and abandoned* okay  

Uno @ Me: Hey we should totally be Dei

Me: aka Amora on Testosterone? Lol no

Uno: Lol I didn’t ask.

Ham: *Punts Uno* No Means NO

Uno: *Punts Ham* u not cute

Ham: Good.   
  • Listening to: Stuff will probably make less scense than usual
  • Reading: Because of the head thing
  • Watching: And also i don't know what I'm doing here
  • Playing: but what else is new
  • Eating: Winging it heh


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Yeah, anyone who know me knows that what I'm good at may or may not change depending on the weather. As of right now, I'm not to good at introductions.
Uh, I like chocolate and other stuff and I hang out in my head above all else. No joke, and all mah peeps tend to catch a glimpse, an accidental sliver, of the mysteries that slip and float and burn in my head every minute of the day.
I like new people. Great Aunt tells me that every friend starts out a stranger. I believe her, and so. Welcome. In this world things don't make a whole lot of sense. Emotion is the only rule of the land... and chocolate. So peer in if you dare; I charge feels.

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